How Ralph Evans can help you

The process of buying and selling real estate is a complex journey with many potential traps along the way.  Some people choose to take this journey on their own. Some people choose to work with a less experienced agent, or a part-time agent that is not immersed in real estate as a career. Some people will choose the cheapest agent they can find, thinking that all agents do the same thing.

Ralph Evans would like to ensure your real estate experience is positive and has a happy ending to it.  Lets not make it into your neighbour’s horror story!

Selling Property

Selecting the wrong agent to work for you when selling a property may cause your home to remain unsold, while other homes are selling rapidly. You may under-sell your home, leaving thousands of dollars on the table for the buyer, or you may end-up with a lawsuit against you from an unhappy buyer if your agent did not properly protect your best interests.

Ralph Evans is able to provide you with the quality of service you would expect from a top RE/MAX agent who has been working with homeowners since 2004. He is able to provide you with comprehensive market data and a variety of approaches to pricing your home to best fit current market conditions. He will work with you in the preparation of your home to make it stand-out from other homes on the market and he will market your home in the most creative ways, to seek out that one future owner of your home. When you hire Ralph to represent you in the sale of your home, he will ensure your home is looking its best, online and in person.  He knows that you first have to attract people to consider your home.  This interest may start by attracting other agents or by attracting buyers directly.  The Internet has become the key source from which buyers are asking their agents to take them to see certain homes.  It is not enough to have your home on the Internet.  The way it looks on line is most critical to its success!  The quality of the photographs and the descriptive writing to go with it.  Ralph has the computer skills to know how to most effectively present your home online.

Once an offer is made on your home, then you really start to find out if you have picked the right agent or not.  In the offer negotiation process you are relying on the skills and knowledge of your agent to explain the details of the contract to you and to inform you which things are in the buyers favour or the sellers favour and how to amend certain clauses to best protect your interests, to get you the best price and terms possible.  Here is where you will appreciate Ralph’s calm and informative approach.  He will take the time to ensure you know exactly the details of the offer and which changes are most important.  Homeowners find this part to be the most stressful.  Ralph has been through negotiations like this many times and can stay out of the emotions of the process to ensure the best outcome for you.

Buying Property

Like on TV, some agents believe that you are allowed to see only three properties and then you have to choose the one you are going to buy!  Ralph is happy to show to you as many homes as necessary to help you find the right home for you.  Along the way, he will educate you about the homes you are looking at, their features and their problems.  If you are still month’s away from actively looking for a home, he can provide you with daily property lists that match your buying criteria.

Once you have selected the right home, Ralph will begin the process of drafting an offer and explaining it to you.  It will generally have a number of terms that protect your interests and permit you to perform the proper due diligence to ensure you will be happy with your purchase.  When buying a house, Ralph will discuss with you the need for a through home inspection by a professional inspection firm.  For condo purchases he will explain the status certificate process to give you insights into the financial health of the condo corporation.  He will negotiate the offer on your behalf and hopefully be able to make the property yours!


If you are thinking of making a move, make it a good move.  Hire Ralph Evans.  He is the modern professional RE/MAX agent that will make the process smooth and successful for you.