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Selling Your Home with Ralph Evans of RE/MAX Professionals

Selling your home is about a whole lot more than just putting a sign on the front lawn!

Ralph Evans is known as the modern professional RE/MAX agent. He wants you to sell your home for as high a price as possible – and he is on your side. He will work with you to get your home ready for sale. Ensuring that everything is in working order, that your home is clean and looking its best is just the start. Over 90% of today’s buyers are looking for properties on the Internet, having an agent that really understands the technology is critical to your sucess. Ralph’s depth of knowledge ensures your home will look its best, both online and in person.

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Resources for Selling Your Home

This guide has been developed to inform homes sellers (clients and prospective clients) of the process of selling your home with Ralph Evans through RE/MAX. It’s broken into components that represent the more significant milestones that will occur throughout the process. It’s here for you to refer back to at any time, and it deals with most of the questions I receive from sellers. Of course, I always welcome your calls or your emails when questions arise.

The guide is broken down into several sections so you can quickly find what you’re after. Please note that these documents contain active links that will provide you with greater detail on highlighted items.

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