New Condo Pre-Delivery Inspection – PDI

I had the opportunity today to accompany a buyer of a new Toronto condo on their “Pre-Delivery Inspection” or PDI. They had purchased the condo suite a couple of years ago, pre-construction from the builder. Now it is finally built and it is time to go and have a look.

PDI 550 WellingtonThe actual possession date is still a couple of weeks away, but today is the chance to examine the suite in detail and list any problems. At this point there is still a lot of finishing work going on in the building. The front entance is still rough, the interior of the elevator is shrouded in plywood to protect the brushed steel finish underneath.  There’s no carpeting in the common hallways.

Inside the suite everything should be completed and ready for us to have a look. We took along a stack of post-it notes and a electrical circuit tester. Every problem gets marked with a post-it note on the item and then made into a complete written list. The circuit tester is used in every outlet to ensure it is working and wired with the correct polarity

PDI Condo 550 WellingtonThe suite looked fabulous! It is exciting to see the chosen finishes actually there for the first time. But, hey! There is work to be done. The biggest thing we noted was that the appliances hadn’t been delivered yet. Other than that there were a lot of little items – dents in the dry wall to fill-in and repaint, base boards that need some leveling and repainting, some missing caulking in the bathroom, a missing clothes rod in the bedroom closet, a few trim items to fix-up, some spots that need more cleaning, an access hatch for Internet wiring that hadn’t been closed up yet, an air leak at a window.

Now the suite is back with the builder to complete as many of the noted tasks between now and the occupancy date. There is another opportunity to submit a deficiency list at the 30-days after occupancy point.

The building amenities have yet to be completed, but ought to be outstanding once the work is all done.

I’m always happy to assist my clients with a pre-delivery inspection, or suggest a home inspector who can go into an even more in-depth analysis.

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