Home Inspection – Free Coupon

Coupon for Free Home Inspection

Coupon for Free Home Inspection

Buying a home:
Getting a proper home inspection is a valuable part of every home purchase. It gives you greater peace of mind for this major purchase. It also provides a better understanding of the major systems that make up your home and how to maintain them. This should be done by a professional home inspector.

I will cover the cost of the home inspection for any home you purchase with my services!

Selling your home:
If you are planning to sell your home and would like to have my assistance to do so, I will cover the cost of an inspection of your home as part of the preparation to get it ready for sale. This is a valuable step many average agents miss. It lets you know about any major problems in your home and lets you deal with them ahead of time, or to be able to disclose them so they don’t lead to price reductions later on. The inspection report can also be made available to potential buyers touring your home. They can quickly access the condition of the home and to be aware of any significant work that they made need to take on in buying the home.

This is just one of the many great things I will do to make your home selling experience a success!

A note for Condo Buyers:
Inspections are appropriate for houses and for condo-townhomes. There is rarely much value in an inspection of an apartment-style condominium as the cost of most major items is the responsibility of the condominium corporation. So, this offer does not apply to apartment condo’s.

I’m just going to pay for one inspection for you! If you have a home inspection done, but choose not to buy the home – you’ll have to pay the home inspection cost. If you loose out in a bidding war, but already did the inspection before hand – you’ll have to pay the home inspection cost. This is being offered to clients of Ralph Evans who are working with Ralph Evans only and does not apply to all buyers working with other sales representatives and brokers of RE/MAX Professionals Inc. Maximum value $550.00 CAD.  Minimum home purchase price $300,000.00

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