Is Staging a Home Really Needed?

How staging helps

What a space can look like when staged professionally

I was asked recently whether or not it is necessary to stage a home in order to sell it.  Okay, here is the good news – no it is not necessary.  You don’t have to do it.  There is no requirement for staging.

But, that said, you still might want to stage it anyway!  Making your home look its best will ensure your home sells and sells for a price that is higher than what it would otherwise sell for.  What are we talking about when we say staging? 

It really is the process of converting your home from the place you currently live in into a desirable place that is attractive for someone else to want to buy. 

It starts with throughly cleaning your home from top to bottom, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, until they sparkle.  It involves putting away many of the things we would normally have on display in our home: The family pictures; religious symbols; weapons; fridge magnets; magazines; and the accumulated piles of stuff we seem to accumulate.

Could this be done better?

Could this be done better, so the passage from one room to the next is not blocked?

The next level involves reducing the number of furniture pieces in the home and rearranging them to give the sense of  space and to create “flow”.  Do you have natural pathways blocked by furniture?  Do you have the best assets of a home as the focal points?  Often I see furniture pieces in the wrong rooms.  Each room should only have the pieces that make sense to be there.  Bedrooms are for bedroom furniture.  Living rooms are for living room furniture.   The purpose of each room should be evident.  These people are buying the space after all, not your furniture!

The next level involves adding the right accents and accessories that create mood and feeling to really attract and interest home buyers.

While some of this you can do on your own, it often makes sense to bring in a professional stager who is capable of taking the staging process well beyond what you ever imagined was possible.  The eyes of an outsider can be tremendously beneficial to suggest approaches we cannot visualize ourselves.  While they will mostly work with the things you already hav in your home, they can also bring in the additional pices to make the space even better.  Staging doesn’t have  to be expensive, and when done right will actually earn your more money than not having bothered.

So, before you just sell your home looking exactly like how you live in it every day, consider the value of staging your home.  And don’t forget the landscaping – that’s outdoor staging!

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