7 Quick Low Cost Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

In order to sell your home at a price you’ll be happy to accept, you have to impress potential buyers enough to want to be the future owner of your home.

Here are seven things you can do to improve the appearance of your home, without spending a lot of time or money.

  1. Cleaning and Tiding Up
    I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Hopefully you can see that it is the most obvious one, but you would not believe the number of homes I have taken buyers through with un-made beds, clothes on the floor, dirty dishes in the kitchen, wet towels in the bathroom and heaps of stuff lying around. Not once has this been the home they have chosen as the one they want to buy.
  2. Light Switches
    Replace basic on-off light switches and plugs with “Decora” switches and plugs with simple white plastic covers. This instantly conveys a sense of modern up-to-date wiring in your home. If you turn the power off while you do this, it should be a home handyman task to complete. More complex two-way wiring may require you to bring in an electrician.
  3. Mailbox
    Replace the tired old mailbox on the front of your home with a shiny new one. It adds curb appeal to your home, just as the buyer is about to step into your home.
  4. House Numbers
    Particularly if you are in an older home, the font and styling of your house numbers may be decades out of date. Visit a building centre and check out the contemporary designs that can bring the front of your home into the modern era.
  5. House Plants
    The plants inside your home are part of the décor too! If you have house plants that are looking a little tired and unattractive, it may be time to toss them out. If you have a deep attachment to them, then find a friend or family member who is willing to look after them at their place for the time your home is on the market.
  6. Shower Curtain
    You probably just jump into the shower without much thought to the curtain. Chances are it looks a little tired. Buyers notice the soap scum and mold. Replacing it instantly injects some new colour and vibrancy to this often neglected space. Maybe you could add a couple of new towels and a matching new soap dish too! You can take these items with you to your new home, so no worries on the cost.
  7. Lighting
    Make sure that every bulb in every light fixture needs to be working. Burned out or missing light bulbs scream “lack of maintenance” to possible buyers. I’ve never had a buyer complain that “this home is too bright”.

Can you suggest a few more ideas?  Add your comments below or send me you suggestions to ralph@realestatehelpdesk.ca

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