Buy First or Sell First

This is a major decision people need to work out, when making a move. There is no single answer. Ralph Evans can help to discuss the alternatives here to help figure out the approach that will work best for you.

People are generally most concerned about where they will be living in the future. In order to realize those dreams and to be able to move forward with their lives they must sell their current home. This is likely the main source of funds for the future home purchase.

In this video, Ralph looks at this challenge and offers a few potential solutions.

Most people cannot afford to carry two properties for any significant length of time, so some careful planning is necessary to make this work. It will depend on how unique a home you want to move to, how ready your current home is to be sold and the current market conditions.

Bridge financing is available, when you do need to carry two homes, but lets try to avoid that or keep it to a minimum.

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