Thermal Imaging Inspection

Getting a professional home inspection is an important part of every home purchase. Getting an in-depth understanding of the home allows you to make an informed purchase.

Infra-red Camera

But, here is something new… one of my recommended home inspectors has recently started offering home inspections that includes thermal imaging! Robert Kin of A Buyer’s Choice has added the FLIR 17 infra-red camera to his toolkit. This camera allows him to sense warm and cold spots behind drywall and in places that are not noticable visually. This would assist in detecting missing insulation and active moisture problems.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection
In addition to his through inspections that contain numerous photographs, until the end of March 2011, he is offering this additional service as part of his standard home inspection at no additional fee.

Robert Kin can be reached at 416-528-1443 or

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