Opportunities for Canadians!

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This is such a fabulous time for Canadians to be taking action south of the border.  If you have ever had thoughts about owning a second property or a vacation property in the USA, now is the time to act!  This has got to be your once in a life time opportunity to grab the property you have been dreaming of.

Why now?  There are three strong reasons why this is the time to act.  Firtstly the US housing market has been hit hard these past few years, but this downturn won’t last forever.  In fact, there are many early signs of recovery.  That tells us we may be at the bottom of the market, or even on the upswing.  Secondly, the Canadian dollar is trading above par relative to the US dollar.  That means your Canadian dollars will go further than ever before.  Thirdly, Canadians on average are in a better financial situation.  Investment portfolios have recovered from the economic downturn,  employment, certainly in Toronto is relatively high, and Canadian housing values have continued to increase.

Whether you are interested in Florida, Arizona, South Carolina or anywhere else, Ralph Evans can connect you to top real estate professionals in each local market and explain some finincing arrangements.

But don’t wait!  This is a limited time offer.  US housing prices will recover and the exchange rates will shift again.  Let me know where you’d like to be buying property.

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