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One of Toronto’s prized neighbourhoods, The Kingsway is full of classic homes.  Built from the early 1900’s through to 1930’s we find mostly large detached homes and placed on substantial lots.  The home styles are of the Arts and Crafts style, popular at the time, with a mixture of Tudor and stone facades.  This look evokes memories of homes in the English country side and thus the neighbourhood is particularly popular with people who identify with that culture as part of their heritage.

Leaded glass windows, large fireplaces and big chimneys are common features.  The streets were laid out according to a master plan devised by Robert Home Smith who purchased the old King’s Mill property and created what we know today as the Old Mill Inn.  Private ownership of automobiles was spreading at the time, and this being the edge of town the plan included tree lined streets and private driveways for all the properties.  The residents are very involved in the upkeep of the exterior look of their homes and the preservation of the unique historical appearance of the area as a whole.  This is not a tear-down and start again neighbourhood!

Inside the home one will find many homes that are completely modern, up-to-date electrical wiring, central vacuums, dream kitchens, swimming pools in the backyard.  However, a few homes will still contain much of the original components – buyers need to be on the lookout for asbestos insulation around heating pipes, knob-and-tube wiring, and outdated windows.  Buying a home like that would only be suitable for the buyer prepared to undertake a major renovation project!

The Kingway neighbourhood occupies the land immediately west of the Humber River between Bloor Street on the south and Dundas Street on the north.  This was originally a part of Etobicoke, until Etobicoke became a part of the Toronto in the 1999 amalgamation of the former boroughs into one municipal entity. The main streets running through the neighbourhood are Royal York Rd and The Kingsway.  While the main neighbourhood ends at Dundas to the north, their is another area known as North Kingsway that continues north of Dundas with the street “The Kingsway” running through it.  At that point the neighbourhoods of Humber Valley and Chestnut Hills start to take over.

The area is well served by transit, located walking distance from the Royal York TTC subway station, as well as the bus routes heading into there.  A modest shopping district can be found along Bloor Street with a number of specialty stores and upscale restaurants.

Real Estate
Given the popularity of the neighbourhood, homes that are for sale don’t’ tend to linger on the real estate market for long.  If they are priced right, receiving multiple offers and bidding wars are not uncommon occurrences.  Home prices here (as of September 2010) range from $900,000 to $3-million, depending on the size of the property and condition of the home.

Ralph Evans is familiar with many of the homes in The Kingsway and can assist buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

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