Amerispec Guide to Home Inspection

For most home buyers getting a home inspection done is critical to understanding what you are buying.   The inspector performs a through review of the major systems and structure of the home, pointing out his observations to you along the way.

Most homes, even newly constructed homes will have problems with them.  You need to know what those problems are, how significant they are and how much it would cost to repair them.  Many times these are $10 to $100 items, like the polarity of an electrical outlet, longer downspouts, adding smoke detectors and so on.  But sometimes it can be big ticket items – the shingles on the roof, the furnace, or even structural issues.

The inspector won’t tell you yes or no to buy the home, but will point out the issues and provide a written report.  You need to determine if the problems found are acceptable to you and are reflected in the price you are paying for the home.

Learn more in this e-book guide to home inspections prepared by Amerispec

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