Toronto After the G20 Weekend

It was an incredible weekend for Toronto.  Despite hundreds of arrests,  I am just so happy that there were no really significant incidents in Toronto:  Shootings, Bomb blasts, Buildings destroyed.  Just the thugs and their petty acts of vandalism and the gawking onlookers caught-up in the action, who didn’t have the good foresight to know when the party was over and it was time to leave.   Toronto police acted with utmost restraint and kept control of the city.

It was an honour to host this event for world leaders in our city.  I hope that the benefits are felt by nations around the world. Here is the final declaration document that was agreed to.  Of course many of the other benefits are all of the bilateral talks that occured – between the leaders and between their 10,000 attending delegates.

G20 Pictures from Flickr…

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