iPad – What does this mean for Real Estate

So Steve Jobs and Apple released their much anticipated tablet device today.  Called the iPad, its likely to soak up alot of consumer dollars!  From the inital glimpses Apple provided in their press conference and through the www.apple.com home page, it looks totally amazing!  Thin, sleek, light weight, bright, a familiar user interface borrowed from the iPhone and iPod Touch, full of applications.

What does this mean for the real estate market?  It may not seem to be of any importance at all to the people who have not grown up with the computer as a part of their lives.  But for the younger generations and those with an exposure to technology this device shows us we are moving to a world that is even more online and interconnected.

Apple has positioned this device as a whole new product category, between smartphones and laptop computers.  This device has the ability to popularize reading ebooks, more so than the Kindle reader or the other recently released readers.  It could bring back life to newspapers and magazines delivered to you virtually.   This will be at the expense of the forestry industry and printing industry, but good for the creators of the content.

As for the meaning this has for real estate:

  1. Connected Agent
    It will become even more important to have a real estate agent that is comfortable using technology.  Using devices like the iPad so that they can communicate with you, both in person and online.  But not just to connect!  To be able to provide meaningful and content rich information to you on a timely basis.  Can you imagine working with an agent that cannot reach out to you online?
  2. Showcase Homes for Sale
    We already know that something like 80% to 90% of home buyers are looking at properties themselves online and asking their agent to take them to see the ones they really like.  So, now in the iPad era you had better be selecting an agent to represent you in the sale of your home that “gets it”.  That can showcase your home to its full potential.  So, in addition to helping get the home ready for sale they have the ability to deliver the online experience buyers want to see before setting foot inside your home.  Building the virtual tour, writing good jargon free descriptions, conecting it to the MLS listing, blogging about the property, putting it on social media sites…  Can you believe there are those agents that still market properties by simply providing a single picture of the outside of a home, like it was 1980!

Ralph Evans is a modern professional RE/MAX agent and he “gets it”.  He can provide the real estate services demanded by today’s tech savy consumers.  From this blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and whatever the next thing will be too, Ralph is there to make it work for helping you with your real estate needs.

It will be a few months before the iPad is available for sale here in Canada, so for now check out the Apple promotional video…

Please reply back on your thoughts about the impact of the iPad on real estate.

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Emo Holland July 21, 2010 at 5:33 pm

I have been using an Ipod as my portable device when I am away from my office. I can take it to listing presentations and to get work done from my car. I find I am mostly looking at websites on the Internet or checking email when I am not at my main computer.

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