Four Choices for Selling Your Home

Ralph Evans will tell you the truth about your property’s value … regardless of whether it’s what you would like to hear. That way you can make an informed decision based on reality about what you want to do next.

After all, there are really just four choices for people thinking of selling their homes:

  1. Decide that you can’t or won’t sell in the current market
    For whatever personal reasons you may not yet be ready to get started.  Maybe the time is not right to proceed or you are not quite ready yet.

  2. Decide to sell the property privately yourself
    This might work in a few situations, but I really can’t recommend it. You may end up in more of a mess than you woulld wish for! Most people find having an experienced Realtor to assist in this process to be well worth the cost. You really should be hiring a modern professional agent, that can protect your legal interests and work for you to attract the best buyer possible!

  3. Hire a “traditional” real estate sales person
    These are the agents that having been doing exactly the same things for years. They haven’t noticed the importance of the Internet, home staging or professional photography. These old school agents are often unaware of what is happening in a modern real estate practice. These agents just want to put a sign on your lawn and say that your home is for sale, leaving everything else up to you. 

  4. Hire a modern professional real estate consultant and advisor like Ralph Evans
    Ralph Evans wants you to get the maximum return from the sale of your home – and he will be on your side! He assists sellers in getting their home ready for sale, before it goes on the market. He invests his own money in professional photography, virtual tours, staging, home inspections and more.  In this way he helps you to get the most for your home, in as short a time as possible.

When you choose option 4, you’ve made a wise decision to work with someone who is focused on making your sale a success.  Ralph will act as your real estate consultant and advisor, educating you, informing you, and counseling you  to make sure you understand what is happening at every stage along the way and are comfortable with each decision you make.

Let us know if you are ready to get started. Ralph Evans would will come and see you and tell you how he helps people to get the best return from selling their homes.

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