About Home Inspections

The home inspection is an opportunity to bring in an independent 3rd party expert to advise you about the home you are planning to buy.  Home inspections can be arranged as part of making an offer or done ahead of time.  Ralph Evans can refer you to a qualified home inspector.  These people are members of a home inspection association that provides training to them and provides a strict code of ethics for them to follow.

What exactly does the inspector look at?
The home inspection process will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the home.  The inspector will examine many of the aspects of the home that you did not pay a great deal of attention to during your visit to the home.  This will include:

  • Roof and shingle condition, including eavestroughs, and downspouts and site drainage.
  • Electrical system review including electrical panel examination and testing of outlets throughout the home.  Testing central vacuum system if present.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems review including determining the age and remaining effective life of the equipment.
  • Plumbing system review including testing all sinks, toilets, showers, tubs.  Examining for leakage and plumbing problems.
  • Windows and Doors – test for functionality and effectiveness.
  • Examine attic condition and adequacy of insulation.
  • Testing of all appliances included in the sale.  Recording of all appliance serial numbers.

Do You need to be there for the inspection?
Yes!  You will want to be present when the inspection of your future home is taking place.  It is a key opportunity to learn about the home, where key items are located such as the water shut-off valves, furnace shut-off, electrical panel and the attic access hatch.  The inspector will also provide details about how to maintain your home.  What needs to be done to keep the furnace in good working order, about the chimney, outdoor faucets, roofing elements and so on.

Should I buy this home?
Be aware that your home will not pass or fail.  The home inspector will not be able to tell you whether or not you should buy the home.  The purpose of the inspection is to perform a detailed review of the major systems of the home and to tell you the existing problems with those systems.  They will point out the repairs that are recommended or required.  Most will be minor items, some costing as little as $10 to fix, others may be major problems.  The inspection helps you to make a clear-headed decision.  You can proceed knowing exactly what you are buying.

Every person’s needs are different.  Some people are looking for fixer-upper homes and expect to encounter lots of problems.  Some people are happy to buy a home with some deficiencies that they will repair over time.  Others are looking for a home in perfect move-in condition with no work to be done.

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