Knob and Tube Wiring

When I am looking at homes in the High Park, Swansea and Bloor West Village area, I frequently encounter homes with older wiring. This is commonly known as Knob and Tube wiring because of the components it uses.

The best approach for buyers purchasing homes with this type of wiring is to be prepared to upgrade the electrical service panel and replace all the wiring throughout the house. This is not necessarily a requirement and the existing wiring may be quite safe.

Having it inspected by an electrician is always a good idea.

Here is what The Ontario Electrical Standards people have to say about knob and tube wiring

Even if it passes inspection, most insurance companies will insist on replacement of the wiring in the home.  Well. that’s not a bad idea.  Would you want to run a modern household on this stuff?  Big screen TV’s, computers, gaming systems, kitchen gadgets. 

I have experience buying and selling homes like this.  There are solutions for this wiring.  Let me know how I can help!

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