Great Mortgage Rates!

I have already mentioned that it’s a great time to be a buyer in today’s Toronto real estate market. Here is another reason why…

Mortgage rates are available at historic low levels. This means the cost of money to finance a house is next to nothing. This allows you to pay-down the principal more rapidly or afford more house than you would be permitted, if interest rates were higher.

I work with an Edward Ricciardi – a Mortgage Expert with Dominion Lending Centres. As a mortgage broker he can seek out the best rates and terms that meet the needs of each client, selected from dozens of different financial institutions.

How about these rates…

3 yr fixed……….. 3.75%
4 yr fixed……….. 4.09%
5 yr fixed……….. 4.24% (OAC as of Feb 9, 2009)

You can contact him as follows:
Edward Ricciardi, MBA
Mortgage Expert, Dominion Lending Centres
T. 416-319-9127

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