Etobicoke Home Builders

The central part of Etobicoke, on the west side of Toronto is a popular spot for in-fill builders. They look for the right opportunities to locate an older bungalow on a suitable lot. They then demolish the existing home and build a modern home in its place. While this has been most popular on 50-foot lots, I have recently been involved with one property built on a 40-foot x 125-foot lot.

The owner and builder of this home is an architect, and it shows. They have created a new home with style and character. The flow of the home is perfect and no space is wasted.

The quality of the materials and workmanship of this home is better than many other new homes I see in the area, yet this home is actually priced less. Here is your opportunity to own a fabulous new 4-bedroom home in a quiet leafy Etobicoke neighbourhood for under $1-million!

Call me at 416 577-5486 to find out more, or come to my Real Estate Open House – 77 Charleston on Saturday November 1st, 2008

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